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The shoe sole is cracked: NewBalance, PUMA, Asics and so on.

days ago, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee for the 46 brand market common variety comparison test for a number of running shoes. Xinmin Evening News reporter Xinmin network learned from the municipal consumer protection committee that the test results showed that many brands of well-known brands such as NewBalance, PUMA and ASICS didn't meet the national standard, and shoe sole cracking appeared in the experiment.
illustration: the municipal security commission test has referred to a number of national and international standards. City cancellation Committee drawing
Shanghai consumer protection committee revealed that the comparative test purchased 46 samples, involving 29 international brands and 17 domestic brands, 23 men and 23 women, including 26 shopping entities, 20 online shopping. City Consumer Protection Committee basis includes "GB/T 24152-2009 basket volleyball professional sports shoes standard" and "SATRA TM144" sole material testing including a number of national and international standards, for each sample project folding performance, wear resistance, shock resistance and shoe sole compression resilience were analyzed. The test results show that the price of the international brand is generally higher than the domestic brand, but there is no obvious advantage on the quality and performance indicators. In addition, the model of the net store is different from the entity store, and the quality is worse than that of the entity store. 4 of the samples involved in this experiment did not meet the requirements of the national standard, and all were purchased through the network.
diagram says: the products of NEW BALANCE, ASICS and PUMA are not in accordance with national standards. City cancellation Committee drawing
, according to the national national standard, is not qualified in the test of three famous brands of NewBalance, PUMA and ASICS. The reporter understands, folding performance test is a continuous walking state by simulating the human foot, 40 thousand whole shoe bending to running shoes, observation of cracking, degumming etc., directly reflect the shoe upper and bottom material strength, toughness and help at the end, the surrounding combination fastness to improve the quality of wear and durability of. The test results show that the T525N buffer and ASICS W670RG1 running shoes NEW BALANCE appear sole cracking phenomenon, 187532 PUMA men and women shoes outsole glue and tourism in bottom phenomenon.

, however, in terms of wear resistance of shoes, the results of male running shoes produced by Shanghai MIZUNO Co., Ltd. do not conform to the standard of national EVA material which is less than or equal to 12 millimeters, exceeding the standard value of 16%. Besides, the city's Consumer Protection Committee has revealed that the popular running shoes in the market are mainly made of PU and EVA. The wearability of the PU material in the test product is better than that of EVA material.
diagram says: in the area of shock absorption, 20 of the 46 samples are incompatible with the shock absorption performance, of which 6 samples are significantly higher than the average. City cancellation Committee drawing
has 20 out of 46 samples in terms of damping performance.

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