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Boost, the first thing to say is that it is a kind of new material Adidas brand, rather than a style oh! It can be said that the Boost for Adidas positioning and technology more clearly! Boost refers to the foam sole, although at first glance this material and general foam not what two things, but the truth is Adidas in this technology is attracting more and more people, known as the history of the most comfortable shoes color value!
Ocean Star BB4073


Parley worked with adidasUltraBoost to create exclusive joint marine environmental protection series, only to give environmental protection film winning friends, so VSK called for protecting the environment, pay attention to the issue of marine environment.

modeled in adidasUltraBoostUncaged, Adidas has created this pair of pure adidasxParleyUltraBoostUncaged. Design inspiration from the upper ocean still, by 95% of the 5% plastic and Recyclable polyester fibers, and laces, heel support, Raben and other details are the choice of insole material production cycle. To raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean for people.


is the classic elements of red and green dress with NMD Gucci to create HuNMD shoes, surprise four.

red green color in the NMD series always maintained a high popularity, the new color of "Guccinmd", suddenly intense attention of fans shoes! In front of the called GuccixadidasboostNMD shoes, black lines as the main visual line, black, white, red, green India PK uppers, bring fine and irregular color contrast, show the unique charm of camouflage!


from 1994 to 2016, I believe many people do not know, Reebok Reebok's all-match shoes PumpFury has come to this world for 22 years. After 20 years, this pair of running shoes and not the slightest sense of backwardness, but also with some full sense of the future. Up to today, when NMD, Yeezy rotten street, InstaPumpFury is a kind of independent feeling, design and numerous classic colors make you want to hit hard shoes.


Nike blue spray plating, strong metal texture, and texture of carbon fiber coverage, not only highlights the foam material dazzling effect, this is a scientific atmosphere but also the trend game player can't refuse!
The south coast
spray, stereo hook the same, different.

In December 6, 2015, a wide horse running in Haixinsha.
More and more people in
are involved in running, making it hot for the horses to compete. This year, although the Canton horse has increased the number of ten thousand people, but even the mini marathon is only 29%. From 33 in 2011 to about 130 in 2015, the road industry, represented by marathon, has developed in China. But the large increase in the number of events is still less than the demand for road running.

Chen Bin basin in July 10, 2015, to celebrate the 37 year old Chen Bin basin crossed the line after the end point, the day he ran 100th marathons. Starting from the Haixinsha Asian Games Park in Guangzhou in April 2nd, he ran a marathon continuously every day. He traveled to 9 provinces and cities in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin and Tianjin on the way, and arrived in July 10th.

Chinese track and field time passed, in April 7th this year, Liu Xiang took micro-blog "my runway!" My column! It declares retirement.

for a long time, we know about the track and field is Majiajun, Wang Junxia, Liu Xiang, and today, another age began. There were more and more people around us running at home, and Liu Xiang retired, but more people who didn't want to be Liu Xiang ran away.

is the least of the marathon, compared with all the sports. On the one hand the most intuitive, what other projects can allow tens of thousands of people to participate in the registration of the IAAF Race? At the same time, the criteria for evaluating the success of an event are more dependent on the reputation of all participants for the event. Most of the people in the marathon may be more concerned about their feelings, and the most important thing they don't care about is the first. Even if the Olympic champion, people may only remember that you are Ethiopia or Kenya people. In Guangzhou, the name of the wild man, the pine wind or the Jolin may be louder.

July 10, 2015, extreme marathon Chen Penbin completed a challenge to 100 marathons for 100 days in a row. From a fisherman to the first man to complete the limit marathon in the seven continents of the world, Chen ran his new life with his feet. The change that jogging brings to Chen Penbin is really like another life. I am afraid he did not think that he could walk so far on the land that he had floated on the sea.

"how much do you run today?" In 2015, running became the topic of mutual greetings in the circle of friends. And the team is getting bigger and bigger. Instead of pursuing higher, faster and stronger, running is endowed with more creativity. Fluorescent running, color running, night running and various new ways have made it go through half the sky in recent years.
According to the
Chinese athletic association data released in November 30th, in this year, in the Chinese athletics marathon registered 116 games, representing a new event in 63, while in 2011 this figure is only 22. Participating in the domestic marathon and related competitions in 2014.

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