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BNV 2012 spring and summer series of new products release casual shoes brand BNV has recently released its 2012 spring and summer series, the series of new products to the classic 4 hole and 5 hole Oxford ship boots boots. The appearance of coated with wax was build, the details attached to the metal belt hole and leather / wax shoe sole is Goodyear rubber with comfortable wear, shoes emit bursts of British retro style, love the series of friends can be purchased in retail stores in BNV. BNV 2012 spring and summer series released new BNV 2012 spring and summer series released

Nike Air Presto 2016; a sneak preview of new summer color series integration innovation Flyknit material has given Nike Air Presto avant-garde modern atmosphere, and the most representative of the Millennium prototype will be in the summer playing stamp. From the first exposure of the pictures, the new series uses a combination of neoprene neoprene body of the main body, and through gradual, abstract colors to interpret the "rainforest", "flame" and "blue water" concept. It is reported that these three pairs of new colors Nike Air Presto will be available at the end of summer.

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lives in modern times. It's a common thing to be tagged. Students will have "learn hegemony", "learn slag", boys will be divided into "Diao silk", "male god". As a runner, there must be no label on your body. Today, we are going to talk to you about the ten labels of the runners.


for the runners, the first feeling of many people is "money". Yes, in today's increasingly stressful life, there are still a group of people who spend money to buy equipment and compete for running, which really gives people a sense of "trench".

The basic sense of
runners is health. Long body shape, full spirit, strong body. Never need to lose weight Jingshenbuzhen, such troubles, people really envy!

white collar and above

according to statistics, more and more runners come from white collar jobs, and even a very large number of senior runners are business executives. More and more high - income groups are beginning to care about their health, start to exercise and run. This may be the reason people think that the runner is "rich".


runners lose speed, like a bird with broken wings, Wukong lost jingubang. Running through the wind, heavy traffic, travel landscape.


if health is the performance of the runner's body, then happiness is the portrayal of the runner's heart. The runner runner in joy, lively, ethereal, runners can always find the most pure, the most touching fun.


if the average runner of the former runner is 5 kilometers, it is now a marathon. With the popularity of the marathon movement, more and more people are involved. Whether it is a whole horse or a half horse, whether it is finished or closed, more and more people enjoy the pleasure of the marathon.


runners are not old, runners are young. This is not a slogan, but a fact. Young body, good physique and utter innocence... The essential elements of the youth are all the runners.


runs itself is a journey, the road we run, is the scenery. With the popularity of running events, more and more people go out and go abroad to compete, which makes two things closer together. More and more tourist cities have also begun to hold marathons to attract tourists, one stone and two birds.


seems to run alone, in fact the runners are not alone. All the friends in the world are all a family, which is not false. Running on the road to encourage each other, run group members to fuel each other, run friends to help each other. The harmonious wind from the formal run.

fun and challenges

if the meaning of life >

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