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blue tones always can give a person a kind of vitality and fresh feeling, put the shoes on the same.

for example, the color of the Air Jordan of North Carolina has been in the circle of shoes has its own unique popularity, not only because of the North Carolina blue is more relaxed, because it represents the color of the school to help her joe.

(North Carolina team during the Jordan /
is a representative of North Carolina blue, all other blue, blue racing legend and so on, all have their own unique popularity.
This year's
Jordan Brand is awesome for sale several cool blue color of the shoes, so let's check, and before the recent sale of the most popular blue AJ.

Air Jordan 1 UNC

2015 engraved this pair of AJ1 North Carolina blue dress shoes 100%OG details by a lot of fans praise.

put this pair of old shoes on the first one said, because whether it is Air or Jordan1 of the University of North Carolina color, is the starting point of the legend begins. This is a feeling that you cannot miss how MJ powder.

Air Jordan 4 Motosports racing blue

was the AJ4 "Motorsport" but Jonny motorcycle team exclusive color, not commercially available.
The double "Motorsport"
's sale of the removal of the shoes at the end of the original in the portrait, in addition there is no big difference. The white and blue color and the same people can not resist, this pair of shoes and shoes are fans affectionately known as AJ4 racing blue. Visual dynamic.

Air Jordan 6 GS "Still Blue
"This pair of AJ6 still blue
will be held tomorrow on the North Carolina blue color shoes with white bottom, with crystal bottom end. Such a refreshing most people are unable to refuse.

unfortunately this shoe only GS code, but happily to the maximum number of 42 yards. Feet small boys can wear these shoes.

Air Jordan 7 Pantone
This pair of
can be said to be Jordan Brand for shoes fans summer gift. A pair of North Carolina is AJ7. North Carolina shoe body color collocation of white soles are white dotted details. And no one can stop, but it is suitable for spring and summer.

this pair of shoes will be on sale in April, love can be a concern.

Air Jordan 11 low Columbia
AJ11 is called double low shoes one of the most popular recently.

it's last sale in 2001, the University of fresh blue color by many people, even.

micro-blog @ |: public mood running running
to share
from the first shadow of a friendWhen
read Haruki Murakami's "when I talk about running, I talk about something", I read, "everyday running is just like lifeline to me, and can't be ignored or stopped. I can't run in my life when I'm busy interrupting running. The reason for running is only a little bit, and the reason for running is enough to fill a large truck. We can only be the slightest reason a cautious continuous grinding, jianfengchazhen."
started running, he had a mindset of losing weight. Run out of a body of sweat, let the toxin out of the body, that is, fitness and beauty. Get up early at the weekend, drink a cup of water, go out and go for a run. Just start running, I don't know that running is good for clothes. Running in jeans, the legs are worn out for an hour, can't run, can't even walk. Take two weeks of rest to continue running, this time to learn from the last failure experience, running shoes, sports clothes, water cup, all the same.

just started running, and the body could not accept it. It was breathless and breathless. Its heartbeat was very fast. It seemed to rush out of the chest cavity, almost exhausted. He thought he was not fit for running, slowed down, walked quickly, and after a period of time, it began to run. No exception was found in this case, and it seemed that I was worried.

runs best in the pasture, with music in the ear. Or sparsely populated Road, birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers fragrant. When you run, you also know some running enthusiasts. Perennial insistence, tireless, some running age should be more than ten years, admirable.

a person running very quiet, listening to his breathing and heartbeat, lonely and beautiful, the heart is clear. Running is a gradual process, to adapt to a period of time, and gradually obsessed, all discomfort will disappear, deep love will appear.

that day running, the music on the headset is "stay", a light sad music, listening to quiet. Only when you run can you truly feel that your soul and body are alive. As a marathon runner said, "no running, it doesn't taste that kind of taste. A marathon experiences the process from birth to death. "

likes to run a person. It's a close contact, a perfect collision between the soul and the body, a process of subtle change. When you run and run, you want to understand something, put down something, remember something and be thankful for something.

is also addicted to running. Once running, it's painful to give up in the middle of the way. Long run people are self disciplined, restrained, not panic, and really do a thing, will stick to the end.

many times, I want to keep running, there is no end, no end. On the axis of life, marks have been run >

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